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From a perfect engagement shoot in the rain to a perfect Idaho backyard wedding, these two have a special place in my heart forevermore. I’m kind of obsessed with them, in the non-creepiest way possible, of course. They trusted me with everything, and with that kind of trust comes amazing results.

Pictures are worth a thousand words, so I won’t write much, but I will say this: Monica did all her own makeup, hair, helped make the decorations and bouquets and… made her own dress. And it is one of the most stunning dresses I’ve ever seen. If that’s not impressive, get this: she’d never made a dress before.

I could write forever about how their love is perfect, how awesome they are as individuals and even better together, how the wedding felt incredibly peaceful and perfect and joyful, and how they’re amazingly skilled dancers, but I’ll just let you see for yourself.

Congrats, you two. <3

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Farm Kitchen. Poulsbo, WA.

Josh and Kristin are one of the cutest couples that I know. Their love for each other is so happy;  the both of them just radiate around each other. Their wedding was held on a day with perfect sunny, cool weather at Farm Kitchen in Poulsbo, WA. I was so honored to travel there to be a part of their amazing day.

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  • June 22, 2015 - 7:15 pm

    Amanda McFarland - these are fabulous I love them so much all of them. Congrats again!ReplyCancel

  • June 22, 2015 - 8:59 pm

    Cheryl Larson - What awesome pictures!! Looks like you had a beautiful and fun wedding!! Praying God’s richest blessings on your marriage and home!!ReplyCancel


Lucky Peak Engagement

Four great things:

1.) These two were so kind and fun and awesome

2.) The weather, which had been rainy and stormy all week, decided to be nice for the two hours that we shot. Thanks, weather, you’re the real MVP.

3.) Lucky Peak was beautiful as alwaayys.

4.) Annnd, these two brought their dog. And it was adorable. And so, if you know me at all, I was filled to the brim emotionally. (And also, if you ever want to book a session with me, feel free to bring your dog. always. And if you don’t have one, just bring someone else’s. I’m sure they won’t mind.)


lucky peak engagement idaho light laughing engagement photo lucky peak boise idaho engagement photography ideas candid engagement pictures creative boise idaho photography beautiful light love miniature Australian Shepard happy kisses cute puppy cute dog at an engagement shoot dog in the water so sweet summer engagement session boise idaho boise idaho engagement photographer outdoor engagement brilliantlight_marybrianblog-7687 boise idaho wedding photographer


I gave up family photoshoots for a while. They were often the same smiling poses in parks, and while I realize those photos are important, they began to feel stale to me. When Alyssa, the mother of this family, contacted me, I said yes to a family photoshoot for the first time in a while. She basically just wanted me to tag along with them hanging out, to take candids of them in the field behind their home. And that’s exactly what I love to do.

I was goo-goo eyed over their little blonde one year old, and bonded with their oldest about the Avengers. I even found out that Alyssa had been an art major, and so I got to talk with her about topics that I just don’t get to talk about that often. It was an evening that made me feel extremely content, and I left with a very full heart and a new passion for family shoots.


brilliantlight_fruitlandidaho-2107 brilliantlight_fruitlandidaho-2128 brilliantlight_fruitlandidaho-2141 brilliantlight_fruitlandidaho-2183 brilliantlight_fruitlandidaho-2237 brilliantlight_fruitlandidaho-2279 brilliantlight_fruitlandidaho-2312 brilliantlight_fruitlandidaho-2398 brilliantlight_fruitlandidaho-2414 brilliantlight_fruitlandidaho-2424 brilliantlight_fruitlandidaho-2439 brilliantlight_fruitlandidaho-2499 brilliantlight_fruitlandidaho-2505 brilliantlight_fruitlandidaho-2510 brilliantlight_fruitlandidaho-2521 brilliantlight_fruitlandidaho-2523 brilliantlight_fruitlandidaho-2533 brilliantlight_fruitlandidaho-2540 brilliantlight_fruitlandidaho-2583 brilliantlight_fruitlandidaho-2584 brilliantlight_fruitlandidaho-2598 two brilliantlight_fruitlandidaho-2635 brilliantlight_fruitlandidaho-2648 brilliantlight_fruitlandidaho-2679 brilliantlight_fruitlandidaho-2694 brilliantlight_fruitlandidaho-2724 brilliantlight_fruitlandidaho-2847 brilliantlight_fruitlandidaho-2877 brilliantlight_fruitlandidaho-2899 brilliantlight_fruitlandidaho-2960 brilliantlight_fruitlandidaho-2964 brilliantlight_fruitlandidaho-2967 three brilliantlight_fruitlandidaho-3007 brilliantlight_fruitlandidaho-3024 brilliantlight_fruitlandidaho-3034 brilliantlight_fruitlandidaho-3175 brilliantlight_fruitlandidaho-3271 brilliantlight_fruitlandidaho-3282 brilliantlight_fruitlandidaho-3291 brilliantlight_fruitlandidaho-3358 brilliantlight_fruitlandidaho-3384 brilliantlight_fruitlandidaho-3308

  • May 23, 2015 - 1:19 am

    Becca - So much beautiful…ReplyCancel


Oh my dear holy Lord, these two..

I cannot stop gushing over how cute they are. It filled up my heart to hang out with them, and then it filled up my heart again to edit their photos.

This shoot was worth getting barely any sleep for, and worth being freezing cold. It was even worth rock climbing from the bottom of Table Rock to the top to photograph them.

Jk. Totally drove.

But really, it was worth everything. It probably would have even been worth rock climbing up. I mean, just look at them.

aman_justbrilliantlightweb-6591 aman_justbrilliantlightweb-6618 aman_justbrilliantlightweb-6637 aman_justbrilliantlightweb-6678 aman_justbrilliantlightweb-6692 aman_justbrilliantlightweb-6713 aman_justbrilliantlightweb-6734 aman_justbrilliantlightweb-6741 1-4 aman_justbrilliantlightweb-6751 aman_justbrilliantlightweb-6784 aman_justbrilliantlightweb-6802 aman_justbrilliantlightweb-6826 aman_justbrilliantlightweb-6843 aman_justbrilliantlightweb-6852 aman_justbrilliantlightweb-6863 aman_justbrilliantlightweb-6886 1-5 aman_justbrilliantlightweb-6891 aman_justbrilliantlightweb-6898 aman_justbrilliantlightweb-6917 aman_justbrilliantlightweb-6931 aman_justbrilliantlightweb-6940 aman_justbrilliantlightweb-6954 aman_justbrilliantlightweb-6962 aman_justbrilliantlightweb-6984 aman_justbrilliantlightweb-6985 aman_justbrilliantlightweb-7000 aman_justbrilliantlightweb-7012 aman_justbrilliantlightweb-7041 aman_justbrilliantlightweb-7046 aman_justbrilliantlightweb-7061 aman_justbrilliantlightweb-7083 aman_justbrilliantlightweb-7091 aman_justbrilliantlightweb-7111 aman_justbrilliantlightweb-7167 aman_justbrilliantlightweb-7171

I’m already looking forward to their September wedding. I know it will be so beautiful.


  • March 12, 2015 - 1:45 am

    Charlene Barrentine Hirschi - great shots they ARE a cute coupleReplyCancel

  • March 12, 2015 - 4:13 am

    Kay Barrentine McPheeters - Great job Miss Mere. Cute coupleReplyCancel

  • March 14, 2015 - 6:07 am

    Crystal Ann Roberts - Soo amazing!! Love radiates off them and the moments you capturedReplyCancel