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Everyday Beauty // Home Decor

This is my first installment of “Everyday Beauty.” Here, I will share with you things that I am digging on, things that are inspiring, things that I’m grateful for, or overall, things I just love.

It might get a bit random, so enjoy the mess of it! I hope you get inspired as well.

This post is about homes….. I have been seeing the most AMAZING home decor on Pinterest and blogs lately, and I’m sure I’m not alone. I am SO inspired. Especially since I plan on moving into a new place soon in the very beautiful Boise, ID!

one. this is Bri Emery’s loft, photo shot by the amazing Bonnie Tsang. You have got to check out more of those photos. Inspiration like yeah.

two. chalk walls. umm definitely. can we just think of 500 days of Summer here? I adore.

three. Elsie Larson’s home. And, just like with Bri’s loft, you must check out more of those photos. Completely adorable.

four. heart – shaped photo display of polaroids. *sigh* As if polaroids themselves weren’t perfect enough.

five. Apartment Therapy is so chocked full of amazing inspiration for small spaces (which I will most likely be living in). This is an 800 square feet open floor plan. So inspired. I wanna get my studio onnnn.

six. taping things to the wall with colored tape. I’ve been seeing this a lot lately, and I want to follow suit. Can you see why?

seven. more beautiful wall decoration.

I would love my new place to have an artistic, colorful, clean, cozy vibe.

Its exciting thinking about it. Thanks for reading my daydreams. ; )

If you want to see more of my inspiration for homes, photography, style, and other random things,follow me on pinterest!

Here’s to dreaming. (and to a very sunny and blessed Friday. . .and to thin mint girl scout cookies and green tea which are currently by my side! whoot!) – Meredith

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