Wearing this fall: Mostly white

White has always been my favorite color, even when I was a kid. After my period of wanting everything to be blue or orange – when I was very little – I’ve always been into white. I started decorating my room entirely white and wanted to wear a lot of white, even during winter season (which is something some people still do not understand).

However, my obsession with whites never ended. By now, my home decoration is still majorly white and I still have a lot of white hanging in my closet. Spring season was always the time for me to shine in white, but for some reason this spring I wore a lot of black and navy, which made me thinking about turning traditional opinions on clothing colors around this year. Yes, this fall winter season you are going to spot me in a lot of white, and to give you an impression of what this will look like, see the examples below.

Mostly white

Mostly white

Mostly white

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